A Guide To American Equestrian Events


Riders around the Midwest are preparing to grab their hats and saddles and head to Traverse City.  Why?  Because the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Dressage Championships & Fall Classic begins on Thursday, September 9, DirectStarTV, and the competition is sure to be fierce.  But not to worryit’s all in good sport. The Hampton Green Farm Dressage 4 Kids fundraiser, held on Saturday, September 11, epitomizes the spirit of the event.  Pieces from the English Riding Supply, Sporthorse Saddlery, and Equine Source will be auctioned off, with profits going directly back to the charity.  Dressage 4 Kids offers scholarships and training to under-21 riders with dreams of becoming horse-riding champions. (more…)

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Maximizing A Horse’s Long-term Breeding Value


Breeding horses is both an art and a science. Sometimes the best sire and dam combination can produce poor results, while crossing a relatively unknown stallion or mare can produce magic. There are a few factors, however, that will enable you to get the most of breeding your horse.

Most successful breeders consider confirmation and temperament to be the two most important elements to consider when breeding horses. If you plan on investing in breeding stock, do not allow yourself to consider wins or trophies above confirmation. A horse with a poor skeletal structure will (more…)

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Things You Should Know Before Buying A Racehorse


Owning a racehorse has the potential to be a very lucrative investment. It is also very difficult. Whether you’re considering sole ownership, a racing partnership or just getting friends together to buy a horse, there are a few key considerations that will determine your expectation level and help you enjoy the experience to its fullest extent.

Establish Important Racing Relationships
You will need a bloodstock agent to make recommendations on a racehorse based on pedigree will considering your budget and (more…)

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What Beginners Need To Know About Sport Jumping


Sport jumping is perhaps the most exciting and demanding event an equestrian can do. Here the teamwork between rider and mount is at its most essential and basic. Anyone can try, but not everyone can succeed. Here’s what you need to know. First, is your horse the right one for this sport? Like humans, horses have different physical assets that lend themselves to athletic events. Size, weight, length of back and legs, musculature, conformation and mindset must be considered.You can find a quick rundown (more…)

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Lore And Legends Of The Triple Crown


It’s the pounding of the hooves down the track and the flashes of bright colors as jockeys cling to the backs of thoroughbred racehorses. The tension is mounting and there is a surge of excitement from the surrounding crowd. It’s the Triple Crown, at the heart of lore and legends for generations.

The Triple Crown is a racing contest for thoroughbreds that are in the 3 year class and complete three milestone races in the sport of horse racing. If one thoroughbred has victory at all three events, it is a rare event in deed. Very few prime race (more…)

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Making A Day Of The Kentucky Derby


The anticipation was almost unbearable as we left our hotel room all ready for Making A Day Of The Kentucky Derby.
We have always loved horses, but this is our first time to this prestigious event. Even our outfits screamed ‘holiday’. It took me months to pick out my hat, and the outfit that complimented both me, and my chapeau. My husband was dressed in what I would call business casual.
Nothing prepared me for what I saw as I entered the gates. The horses (more…)

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Things Every Stable Owner Should Know


Owning a stable isn’t just about having a couple of stalls to shelter some animals. Considerations every stable owner should know are maintenance factors of existing infrastructure and upkeep of those who are part of a stable such as ostlers, grooms, farmhands and livestock.

The 19th century version of a stable with a completed interior with walls, feed racks, tack room and hayloft found in a barn require more stringent upkeep. Owners of enclosed stables need to be concerned about ventilation, (more…)

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Best States for Equestrians


Most people move first then think about riding but what if you’ve got the luxury to do the opposite? Been wondering what the best places for equestrians to live in this country? Here are our favorite places for horse lovers:
Arkansas: There are a lot of places in Arkansas that revolve around horses and there’s more space than many other places in the country. Beware though, Arkansas is pretty far removed so you’ll want to look into satellite star internet elkins or wherever you move!

Oregon: Oregon is a happy horse state and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger community of riders or stablers anywhere else in the US. There’s tons of rain and a lot of wide open spaces which make for great trotting spring (more…)

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Tips For Safe, Fun Country Riding


Every person, whether you are a beginner or an expert, would love the scenic ride in the countryside. The fresh air, green leaves gently blowing in the warm breeze and the limitless beauty that goes on forever are just a few things to keep you breathless along your journey. Below is a simple list of rules to follow while on your trip.

- Make sure you are familiar with your horse but if you are not, ensure that is a well-mannered one.
- Do not attach the reins (more…)

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The Timeless Beauty Of Arabian Thoroughbreds


An Arabian thoroughbred is a magnificent creature whose breed began in a desert area. This breed of horse is one of the top ten horse that are purchased in the world. The popularity of this horse is not its only positive trait. These hoses have arched necks and jibbahs which create a distinctive look for thiese horses.
Despite the Arabian thoroughbred’s short stature it is far from being a weak horse. These horses only grow to be between 57 and 61 inches tall but their strong (more…)

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