Tips For Safe, Fun Country Riding


Every person, whether you are a beginner or an expert, would love the scenic ride in the countryside. The fresh air, green leaves gently blowing in the warm breeze and the limitless beauty that goes on forever are just a few things to keep you breathless along your journey. Below is a simple list of rules to follow while on your trip.

- Make sure you are familiar with your horse but if you are not, ensure that is a well-mannered one.
- Do not attach the reins (more…)

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The Timeless Beauty Of Arabian Thoroughbreds


An Arabian thoroughbred is a magnificent creature whose breed began in a desert area. This breed of horse is one of the top ten horse that are purchased in the world. The popularity of this horse is not its only positive trait. These hoses have arched necks and jibbahs which create a distinctive look for thiese horses.
Despite the Arabian thoroughbred’s short stature it is far from being a weak horse. These horses only grow to be between 57 and 61 inches tall but their strong (more…)

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