Things You Should Know Before Buying A Racehorse

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Racehorse

Owning a racehorse has the potential to be a very lucrative investment. It is also very difficult. Whether you’re considering sole ownership, a racing partnership or just getting friends together to buy a horse, there are a few key considerations that will determine your expectation level and help you enjoy the experience to its fullest extent.

Establish Important Racing Relationships

You will need a bloodstock agent to make recommendations on a racehorse based on pedigree will considering your budget and goals. An experienced trainer will provide important insights into a horse’s appearance and conformation. A licensed veterinarian should examine any horse you are considering to determine if there are any serious health problems or physical limitations that would prevent the horse from performing.

Purchasing a Racehorse

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There are three basic options available when purchasing a racehorse- private, auction and race claiming. Private purchasing is the easiest way to buy a racehorse and also the safest. In this instance, you will deal directly with the owner and may well be purchasing an experienced or proven horse. Your second option is to purchase a horse at auction. Most racehorses sold at auction are either yearlings or 2 year olds. Claiming races are held every day at every racetrack in America. All racehorses running in a claiming race are for sale at a listed price. Licensed owners and trainers can complete a claiming slip on a particular horse before a race. If you choose to claim the horse, you own it that instant the race begins.

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