Best States for Equestrians

Best States for Equestrians

Most people move first then think about riding but what if you’ve got the luxury to do the opposite? Been wondering what the best places for equestrians to live in this country? Here are our favorite places for horse lovers:

Arkansas: There are a lot of places in Arkansas that revolve around horses and there’s more space than many other places in the country. Beware though, Arkansas is pretty far removed so you’ll want to look into satellite star internet elkins or wherever you move!

Oregon: Oregon is a happy horse state and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger community of riders or stablers anywhere else in the US. There’s tons of rain and a lot of wide open spaces which make for great trotting spring through winter.

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Maryland: It doesn’t get very hot here which is what makes MD a perfect state for horses and unairconditioned stables. You can ride along the shoreline or even take your mares for a spin in the upcountry – the views and the trails are pretty limitless here.