We have more than 100 horses of different breeds including Lusitano, Lipizzaner, Arab, Appaloosa, Australian Stock Horse, Royal Alter Real, Thoroughbred, DutchWarmblood, Trakehner, Falabella as well as the sturdy Thai Pony. Many of these animals have been imported from Europe, the USA and Australia over the last 25 years by the owning family.

  1. LUSITANOS: The Lusitano is the Portuguese version of the Spanish Andalucian. It is a very cooperative, intelligent and responsive breed. Its action is also quick and balanced. As a result, it is growing in demand for use as a dressage horse.
  2. LIPIZZANER: The Lipizzaner horse is usually associated with the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. It is agile and athletic and its quiet temperament makes it especially suitable for the School disciplines. The colour is uniformly white, although foals are born black or brown.
  3. ROYAL ALTER REAL: In 1784 the Royal House of Braganza founded a stud farm at Vila de Portel in Portugal’s Alentejo province. Later, the stud was moved to Alter, which gave its name to a breed of horses founded on 300 Andalucian mares. Its purpose was to produce horses for the Royal manege for the pursuit of classical riding.
  4. ARAB: The Arab horse is arguably the most beautiful of all; it is unmistakable in character and appearance. It is also the purest and oldest of all breeds, having been carefully bred for thousands of years.