Who are the Horse Whisperers?

Who are the Horse Whisperers?

Since the 1998 movie, the phrase “horse whisperer,” or some variation thereof, has become ubiquitous in pop culture, from Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer. However, the training method itself is a serious issue that was quite innovative when it was first introduced. The earliest known practitioner was Daniel Sullivan, an Irish trainer working in England in the 17th century.

Sullivan was able to rehabilitate vicious and disturbed horses otherwise thought lost. The American horseman Willis J. Powell took Sullivan as his role-model in the early 19th century, when he wrote Tachyhippodamia; or, The New Secret of Taming Horses. John Solomon Rarey studied with Powell and was the one to finally share the secrets with the world.

Horse whispering today is very similar to these early techniques, which consist of creating a relationship with the horse, even “whispering” to it to soothe violent activity and behavior. It goes against the traditional idea of breaking a horse, which can lead to disasters such as when a famed horse-breaker’s animals were unable to perform because of their fear of cheering and applause, golf betting.

Jeffrey Rolo mentions this incident in his article “The Fatal Flaw Behind Horse Breaking,” and also suggests that such techniques are likely to create either easily scared and distrustful animals or the sorts of violent creatures that Sullivan had to rehabilitate.

Many trainers today practice the philosophy of horse whispering. One of the best-known is Buck Brannaman, who was an adviser on the 1998 Robert Redford film The Horse Whisperer. Brannaman compares violent animals to victims of child abuse and believes that the more compassionate system of horse whispering is a better way to earn their trust and cooperation than any other technique. If you’re a horse lover as well, then you probably already agree.

Horseshoe Point Thailand

Horseshoe Point Thailand

Horse-lovers are known for their unique sense of style. Just consider the outfits those jockeys wear. Horseshoe Point, the Thai resort, has style to spare, and even non-horse-lovers can see that. For those already acquainted with the finer four-legged species, however, the International Riding School at the resort is the main draw.

That’s not to say that those who have never set foot on a horse can’t start now, though. The Horseshoe Point International Riding School is a Ministry-of-Education-registered training facility that covers all the basics of horse-handling and riding. In 50-minute sessions, either privately or as part of a group, you’ll study both on and off the horse and create a working relationship with your mount to suit you both.

The head trainer at the site is Riding Master Khun Chaikiri Srifuengfung, a talented trainer who studied under Maestro Nuno Oliveira. He’s trained in Classical Riding, the refined form of exhibition riding that includes moves like steps, trot, canter, the piaffe, and more. Advanced riders (who pass an individual skills test) are eligible to learn these moves on purebred Lusitano stallions, historically used in war and bull-fighting.

Horseshoe Point also holds numerous special events and programs. The Horseshoe Point Open, which was held May 28-30 this year, is a “Dressage & Show Jumping” competition. The “Able the Disabled” program is a therapeutic riding program for those suffering either physically or mentally bola tangkas online.

Horseback riding can help them improve skills like balance and coordination and also offers a chance for these individuals to achieve something they once thought impossible. Finally, the Pony Club is open to anyone between 5 and 21 years old, and teaches basic riding, horse care, and stable management skills.

Best States for Equestrians

Best States for Equestrians

Most people move first then think about riding but what if you’ve got the luxury to do the opposite? Been wondering what the best places for equestrians to live in this country? Here are our favorite places for horse lovers:

Arkansas: There are a lot of places in Arkansas that revolve around horses and there’s more space than many other places in the country. Beware though, Arkansas is pretty far removed so you’ll want to look into satellite star internet elkins or wherever you move!

Oregon: Oregon is a happy horse state and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger community of riders or stablers anywhere else in the US. There’s tons of rain and a lot of wide open spaces which make for great trotting spring through winter.

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Maryland: It doesn’t get very hot here which is what makes MD a perfect state for horses and unairconditioned stables. You can ride along the shoreline or even take your mares for a spin in the upcountry – the views and the trails are pretty limitless here.